Free Webmasters Tools Pack 2

Thanks for coming through to the second set of great free webmasters tools that help you make managing your websites a whole lot easier.
In this set we have a great 'Backlink checker'...a must if you are trying to keep control and evaluate exactly whats linking to a website.It is an important tool that helps with identifying what links are pointed at your competitors which is a must when evaluating your current ranking and PR

The Link Suggestion tool is the second of our free webmasters tools.Stuck for ideas on where to try and get links from? Well no problem any more, this great tool suggests possible link partners and saves you all the hard work of hunting down possible link partners.

The Fake Rank Checker is invaluable in finding out whether a site is banned or not. Use this before buying any second hand domain and save you time and money.

The SE Position checker is my favourite webmaster tool. Just key in a phrase and find out how you rank with either Google, Yahoo or MSN in seconds.

We hope you find our free webmasters tools of help to you in managing your domains and thank you for visiting our website and don't forget, check out more free tools in our Webmaster Tools Pack 1, including the very important valid link checker and Google sitemap creator.

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